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Make up Contouring by Fati

Soft Synthetic Fibres — these latest makeup brushes are made of soft premium synthetic fibre which do not shed easily. The soft fibres create a natural makeup look and are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.


The Durable Nylon Handle Bend to 90°—- the brush handles are made of nylon material and can bend to 90°. This brush set is sturdy and of good quality. No need to worry about broken brushes

These GetSassy New Fashionable Oval Toothbrush Design — this updated collection of makeup tools is becoming popular! Be ahead of the fashion trend line, and brushes are shaped like toothbrushes to prevent from slip when you are using them.

The bristles have a velvety touch and they are so compact that they do not crush. They are compatible with any type of foundation, BB Cream, powder, blush etc. The super densely packed ultra-fine fibre delivers streak-free, flawless coverage. Deep cleaning without skin irritation.

The brushes are made of quality natural and synthetic fibre for lasting performance and is silky Soft that makes applying makeup a luxurious experience.
Unique plating colour, different from the general feel of the handle
The brushes are manufactured from high quality herbal and artificial fibre for lasting efficiency. Silky Cushy, makes making use of Make-up a sumptuous enjoy. Enjoy your latest trendsetting makeup brushes right here at Today!


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