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Patterned Semi-Automatic Mechanical Pocket Watch - Bronze

Patterned Semi-Automatic Mechanical Pocket Watch - Bronze

R 489.00

  • Semi-Automatic Mechanical Pocket Watch
  • Watch Movement: Mechanical Hand Wind
  • Watch Diameter: About 4.8CM
  • Watch Thickness: About 1.5CM


  • The first time you use the watch, turn the knob clockwise 20-25 times, then shake the watch, the watch starts. Please do not turn the knob in a counter-clockwise direction or the spring gets damaged.
  • Put the watch on the horizontal state and swing the watch for couple minutes before you wear it.
  • In order to keep the bar running, the watch needs a proper amount of movement and the user needs to wear it everyday.
  • To regulate the time, pull the button to the second gear, and then turn clockwise to adjust to the specified time, and Press the button and then back into place.
  • Always wear it Every morning, and Evening and turn the knob clockwise  20-25 times to ensure continued momentum on chronograph watches.
  • There is a mechanical error range, if you have less activity and wind it less than once a day, the watch will slow down.
  • if you require a highly accurate watch, this might not suit you.

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